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Action in Movement Solutions Physical Therapy, Inc.

Welcome to Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy

Your Partner in Recovery Success!

Our facility features a state-of-the-art, 92 degree therapeutic indoor saltwater pool and a fully equipped gym on site.  We are the only therapy pool in the entire Orange County area known for our “Zero Impact Zone”, a 6 1/2 ft depth training area.


The Bridge to Wellness

Aquatic Therapy is a proven researched treatment providing the bridge to a better quality of life and movement for our clients.

Many individuals come to us unable to perform traditional land-based physical therapy. At Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy, we offer a water-based recovery program strengthening the entire body to encourage maximum movement on land.   The Bridge to Wellness leads clients from the aquatic environment to successful land therapy and recovery.

Our clients:

  • Experience One-on-One treatment with the same physical therapist throughout the recovery process
  • Receive education and tools to make lasting lifestyle changes to enhance rehabilitation including a comprehensive home program essential for the best outcomes
  • Enjoy pain relief and ease of movement with conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, and other chronic diagnoses
  • Transition from aquatic therapy to traditional therapy more quickly, the Bridge to Wellness
  • Receive a customized individualized treatment plan including aquatic and/or traditional physical therapy

Aquatic therapy will help you rediscover how it feels to use your whole body, including any injured or painful areas, in a safe, comfortable and weightless environment. We are here to meet your needs and get you back to a healthy lifestyle as quickly and safely as possible.

Please Always Remember…There is no greater reward than physical therapy success. We are willing to help by being available to answer any and all questions about your physical therapy needs. We will be happy to provide a free tour of our facility.

We look forward to meeting you!




Aquatic exercises after surgery help strengthen your legs and improve knee and hip flexibility so that you can get back on your feet faster. It is important to commit to a rehab plan and work with your surgeon and physical therapist to continuously set goals.

“I have never met more knowledgeable, caring and committed therapists. The entire office staff are wonderful and extremely helpful.” – Debbie H.
“It is [So Cal Aquatic’s] persistence and dedication that allows me to work without pain and will allow me to dance at my wedding.” – Amanda C.