Our Story

In 1995, Julie Bergmann opened the first aquatic and physical therapy private practice in Orange County with an aquatic therapy pool she designed and physical therapy all under one roof.  Julie’s passion for aquatic therapy was born out of using a warm pool to rehabilitate her own sports injuries.  She realized the healing power of the water helped her to recover faster and get back to the activities she loved.  Julie has been committed to bringing the best integrated aquatic therapy and physical therapy program to our community ever since.


Our Focus is You

Our priority is You.  Our philosophy is to give you the attention and expertise you deserve to get back to the life you love.  From your initial phone call to your program completion, you will be welcomed with a superior team who is committed to providing you the best customer service and physical therapy treatment.


I Have Never Met More Knowledgeable, Caring and Committed Therapists

You are Unique

Every body, every injury, every person is unique. We understand there are different factors in your recovery.  We tailor every aquatic therapy and physical therapy program just for you. Our entire team are your partners with you to help you achieve your active lifestyle again.


A Little About Our Logo

Our Logo integrates the infinity sign with water and land.  The infinity symbol stands for “limitless”.  We truly believe every person has limitless potential.  We want to help you break through your limits to achieve your highest potential in living an active life.  We bring together the healing power of the water and land just for you. Move Without Limits!


Hear What Our Clients Have To Say

I highly recommend the facility and its staff without reservation!

As a Registered Nurse, I am critical of the medical care I receive. I want to know that all treating practitioners are licensed and/or credentialed in their specialty. With that established I expect the highest quality care without exception.

- Christine B., RN

The entire office staff are wonderful and extremely helpful.

I have never met more knowledgeable, caring and committed therapists.

- Debie H.

The staff has improved my life through the ability to move better.

The staff at Southern California Aquatic Therapy has helped prepare me for two recent surgeries and assisted in my rehabilitation and healing.

- Gloria L.