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Aliso Viejo Aquatic and Physical Therapy

Aliso Viejo Aquatic and Physical Therapy

Welcome to Southern California Aquatic & Physical Therapy!Aliso Viejo Aquatic and Physical Therapy

Our Huntington Beach facility, a short drive north from Aliso Viejo, includes a state-of-the-art indoor therapy and exercise pool and a fully equipped gym.

Our team of trained and trusted experts will design a specific treatment program for your unique needs, and return you to optimal health as quickly as possible.

Don’t wait – visit Southern California Aquatic & Physical Therapy today! Click here to make an appointment, or call (714) 375-1755 to learn more.

Aliso Viejo Aquatic Therapy – “The Bridge to Wellness”

Many patients come to Southern California Aquatic & Physical Therapy to begin a rehabilitation program with aquatic therapy.

Aliso Viejo Aquatic and Physical TherapyOur on-site indoor saltwater pool is an optimal healing environment. Patients recovering from surgery, illness, chronic pain or any other condition that limits mobility, strength or range of motion benefit from water therapy.

We believe aquatic therapy is “The Bridge to Wellness.”

Since the stress on your joints and muscles is minimized by exercising in the pool, these programs allow patients to start training in a controlled and relaxing environment. From there, patients can move on to traditional, “land-based” physical therapy.

Features of our on-site therapeutic pool include:

  • 92-degree water specifically designed for rehabilitation
  • Salt water sanitizing system
    • Saltwater speeds healing and is less irritating than chlorine
  • Therapeutic jets for soft tissue massage
  • Pool depths range from 3 1/2′ to 6 1/2′ for various therapy programs
  • Aquatic equipment for resistance training
  • Dual handrails for pool entry access

Physical & Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Patients can move from aquatic therapy to traditional physical therapy through Southern California Aquatic & Physical Therapy’s comprehensive service offerings, which include:

Aliso Viejo Aquatic and Physical TherapyOrthopedic Physical Therapy. We design rehabilitation programs specifically for individuals with bone and/or muscle injuries who have recently undergone orthopedic surgery.

Orthopedic physical therapists identify, manage, and treat musculoskeletal disorders and injuries in an outpatient clinical setting.

Therapeutic Exercise. Our exercise programs are customized for every patient’s needs and abilities, with a focus on regaining function, flexibility and range of motion.

Our “land-based” rehabilitation includes various strengthening, stretching, and balance training equipment, core stabilization training, cardiovascular conditioning equipment and more.

Cold Laser and Advanced Manual Therapy. We offer a variety of treatments for chronic musculoskeletal pain, scars and inflammation. Cold laser therapy uses FDA-approved light waves to stimulate your cells and speed the healing process. And our manual therapists are experts in soft tissue and joint mobilization, myofascial release, and scar mobilization techniques.

Aliso Viejo Aquatic & Physical TherapyKinesio Taping. As the gold standard for therapeutic and rehabilitative taping, Kinesio taping is widely used by professional and Olympic athletes because it supports muscles and joints and reduces pain and swelling while remaining flexible and breathable.

See Kinesio tape in action on today’s top athletes.

Additional physical therapy components available at Southern California Aquatic & Physical Therapy include electrical stimulation, ultrasound, biofeedback and more.

Aliso Viejo Aquatic and Physical Therapy

Your journey to restored wellness begins today. Click to contact Southern California Aquatic & Physical Therapy, or call (714) 375-1755 to schedule an appointment!