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Anaheim Hills Aquatic Therapy & Physical Therapy

Anaheim Hills Aquatic Therapy & Physical TherapyAnaheim Hills Aquatic Therapy & Physical Therapy

Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy is Anaheim Hills’ Healing and Recovery Destination

Our wide range of physical therapy equipment and on-site, indoor therapeutic pool is ideal for individuals recovering from injury, surgery, or chronic pain condition.

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Anaheim Hills Aquatic Therapy

Many of our patients are ready for recovery, but need help with the transition to traditional, “land-based” physical therapy.

Aquatic therapy offers a Bridge to Wellness for these patients. Starting your physical therapy in the pool allows you to build strength, flexibility and range of motion in a weightless environment that reduces impact on your joints and injured areas.

Our facility includes:

  • Anaheim Hills Aquatic Therapy & Physical TherapyOn site, indoor therapeutic pool
  • Sanitized salt water kept at 92 degrees for optimal healing
  • Knowledgeable, friendly and considerate Physical Therapists and aides
  • Soft tissue massage via therapeutic jets
  • 3 1/2′ shallow end and 6 1/2‘ deep end to accommodate a variety of treatments
  • Specialized equipment for water-based resistance training
  • Easy access to the facility and pool, including dual handrails for assisted pool entry

Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy has helped Orange County patients for more than 20 years. One of the main reasons for our success is our founder, Julie Bergmann, who was an aquatic therapy patient herself.

Julie used aquatic therapy to recover from a hand and elbow injury and, years later, tarsal tunnel syndrome in her foot that required multiple surgeries.

Today, as the founder and owner of Orange County’s first physical therapy private practice with an indoor, on-site therapeutic pool, Julie is paying forward the benefits of aquatic therapy for local patients in need of an optimal healing environment.

Click here to read Julie’s Story.

What do Patients Think of So Cal Aquatic?

“I have gone to approximately eight different physical therapist places in 10 years with no help. I have stenosis of the neck and upper back. I had a pain level of 10 seven days a week. Then I found Southern Calif. Aquatic (SCA). I was told by an acquaintance they are the best. Now I have no pain. SCA’s method is that each individual is different and their patient needs are different. SCA works with you to solve your problem. I was starting to give up hope. I am thankful that I found them.”

— Richard F., Huntington Beach, California

Visit our Testimonials page for more patient experiences at So Cal Aquatic.

Anaheim Hills Physical Therapy and Other Services

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Kinesio tape

Patients who cross the Bridge to Wellness and complete aquatic therapy can take advantage of our physical therapy services, including:

  • Therapeutic exercise on a variety of strengthening, stretching, and balance training machines
  • Body mechanics training
  • Advanced manual therapy
  • Kinesio taping
  • Cold laser therapy
  • electrical stimulation and ultrasound
  • and more!

Anaheim Hills Aquatic Therapy & Physical Therapy

Don’t put recovery on hold any longer. Call So Cal Aquatic at (714) 375-1755 or click here to book your appointment.