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Anaheim’s Aquatic and Physical Therapy Destination

Anaheim’s Aquatic and Physical Therapy Destination

Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy is Orange County’s most comprehensive, full-service physical and aquatic therapy facility. We are located in Huntington Beach off the 405 and 22 freeways, a short distance from Anaheim.

Since 1995, we have been Anaheim’s aquatic and physical therapy destination, offering solutions to patients in need of strength, healing and flexibility.

Aquatic Therapy

Are you unable to begin traditional physical therapy because of an injury or surgery?

Do you have a chronic pain condition that holds you back from physically demanding exercises?

Are you looking for a low-impact complement to your current physical therapy regimen?

Instead of risking additional pain and damage on land, aquatic therapy can be the perfect launching point for your recovery. Water-based training will allow you to do balance, flexibility and conditioning exercises in a soothing, weightless environment that is not available from traditional therapy facilities.

Our saltwater pools, heated to 92 degrees, provide a comforting environment that will loosen and stimulate your muscles, increase circulation and promote blood flow to the affected areas, speeding the healing process. Saltwater is less harmful to your skin than chlorine, and salt contains healing properties that can aid recovery.

Our therapists are experienced, knowledgeable, warm and welcoming individuals. We craft individual programs for each of our clients that will assist with chronic pain, recovery from injury, or strength training to prepare for traditional physical therapy.

Physical Therapy

One of our primary goals is to create a bridge from aquatic to physical treatment. When patients “graduate” from aquatic therapy and are ready for traditional physical therapy, our staff is prepared with a variety of methods to take their recovery to the next level.

Physical Therapy Techniques:

  • Therapeutic Exercise

  • Kinesio Taping

  • Advanced Manual Therapy

  • Cold Laser Therapy

Our therapeutic exercises include training and specialized equipment for balance, body mechanics, conditioning, strength and fall prevention; exclusive Thera-Toe™ foot stretching techniques; free weights and pulley systems; lumbar and core stabilization training; a Total Gym Gravity Reformer and much more.

We are proud to be among the few Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioners in Orange County. Kinesio Taping, a valuable tool in healing and pain management, has been widely used since 1970 and is often seen on Olympic athletes due to its latex-free, water resistant, flexible support of muscles and joints.  This technique reduces pain, swelling and scar tissue, and can improve muscle contraction, nerve receptors, posture and healing.

Advanced Manual Therapy techniques include soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, myofascial release, scar mobilization and desensitization techniques. Cold Laser Therapies are also available to target pain caused by tendon and ligament injuries, soft tissue injuries, muscle strain and musculoskeletal disorders. We also help manage and monitor recovery through ultrasounds, electrical stimulation, traction, TENS, iontophoresis and phonophoresis.

Call Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy today at (714) 375-1755, or send us an email with any questions you may have. We would be happy to give you a tour of our facilities, and we look forward to serving you!