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Aquatic Therapy in Westminster

 Aquatic Therapy in Westminster

Are you in living with pain from injury or post-operation?  We can help!

Located in nearby Huntington Beach, just a few minutes from Westminster, Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy can help you manage and relieve pain, strengthen your body and help heal your injuries.  Our knowledgable staff will custom tailor a program for your needs that may incorporate traditional physical therapy and aquatic therapy.

How Aquatic Therapy Helps:

  • Proven to relax muscles and increase circulation and blood flow to the areas of your body that need healing
  • Provides buoyancy to reduce strain on your body so you can to perform strengthening exercises without causing further damage to your injuries
  • Reduces pain and swelling
  • Allows for better flexibility and a greater range of motion

Our goal at Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy is to help you live a pain-free life, gain full range of motion, strengthen your muscles to reduce future injuries and provide a tranquil and caring environment to expedite healing.

Do you think aquatic therapy is right for you?

Here is how you can get started!

1. Call us at 714.375.1755 to discuss your injury, pain and needs.

2. Schedule an appointment with out helpful staff.

3. Arrive 15 minutes early to get ready for your first session.

4.  Bring your insurance card, a current prescription for therapy from your doctor (if applicable), and any diagnostic test results or other pertinent information you have.

5. Work with our team to create a customized water/land program based on analysis of your specific condition, needs, and goals.

6. On your second visit, be sure to bring your bathing suit (for aquatic therapy) or wear loose, comfortable clothing (for physical therapy). We recommend a tank top and shorts.

7. Breathe deep, and…we’ll do the rest!

 Listen to what our patients have to say:

This is the best Aqua PT! My problem area is my left knee for about a year now.  Had to switch orthopedicians since the last one was not making me better… infact worse! Working with a pain level of 8-10 everyday brought me home in tears almost everyday. My present ortho doc is attentive and fairly aggressive with latest treatment methods. He made sure to get a custom brace for my knee & His office manager directed me to this PT location. I was greeted by a friendly staff and the Owner introduced herself to me. That in itself speaks volumes. -Alka K., Westminster, CA