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Laguna Beach Aquatic & Physical Therapy

Laguna Beach Aquatic & Physical Therapy

Welcome to Southern California Aquatic & Physical Therapy!

Laguna Beach Aquatic & Physical TherapyLocated in Huntington Beach, a short drive from Laguna Beach, we take pride in the consistent world-class service each of our clients receives.

If you are recovering from injury or trauma, trying to regain strength or range of motion, or just looking for a low-risk, high-reward exercise program, we have the answer for you.

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Aquatic Therapy in Laguna Beach

Aquatic therapy is a highly effective “bridge” for individuals recovering from surgery or overcoming chronic pain conditions. We specialize in assisting those who are ready to start traditional land-based physical therapy but need an easier entry point into the process.

Laguna Beach Aquatic & Physical TherapyThe soothing warm water pools at Southern California Aquatic & Physical Therapy include aquatic equipment for resistance training, so patients can increase strength and flexibility in a healing environment.

Our saltwater sanitizing system is less irritating to the skin than chlorine pools, and our therapeutic jets for soft tissue massage will shorten your recovery time and leave you comfortable and relaxed.

Individuals recovering from joint replacement, surgery or injuries benefit from an aquatic therapy program, as do patients with conditions like arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, neck or back injuries and more.

Voted Cleanest Commercial Pool in Southern California by the Orange County Health Department

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy:

  • Our 92-degree saltwater pools promote better circulation, speeding the healing process
  • Warm water relaxes muscles
  • Strengthening exercises in a weightless water environment creates less impact on joints and injured areas
  • Less pain and reduced swelling
  • Greater flexibility and range of motion
  • and more!

Laguna Beach Physical Therapy

Laguna Beach Aquatic & Physical TherapyOur physical therapy programs, which also include orthopedic physical therapy and sports therapy, are designed to restore your physical wellness as quickly as possible. Each program will be tailored to your specific needs and pace.

Physical therapy treatments include therapeutic exercise on a variety of strength and conditioning equipment, advanced manual therapy techniques like joint and soft tissue mobilization, Kinesio taping and much more.

Additional Services Include:

Cancer Pain Relief. Strength training, flexibility programs and cardiovascular exercise are available for cancer patients who want to enjoy physical activity and improve their quality of life. Our workouts and trained staff can help motivate you, and strengthen your body and mind against the stresses of treatment.

Laguna Beach Aquatic & Physical TherapyTai Chi. Also called “moving meditation,” tai chi is a low impact exercise that can improve health and combat the effects of aging. These gentle motions will relax your muscles and protect your body’s connective tissues and joints.

Our tai chi instructor provides special courses on improving strength and balance for interested individuals of any ability level.

Click here to find out more or schedule your first session, or call Southern California Aquatic & Physical Therapy at (714) 375-1755. We look forward to helping you!

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