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Los Alamitos Aquatic Therapy & Physical Therapy

Los Alamitos Aquatic Therapy & Physical TherapyLos Alamitos Aquatic Therapy & Physical Therapy

So Cal Aquatic is the #1 Destination for Los Alamitos Aquatic Therapy & Physical Therapy

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Orange County’s Top Choice for Aquatic Therapy Since 1995

Los Alamitos Aquatic Therapy & Physical TherapyWe are proud to offer our patients the best indoor on-site therapeutic pool in Orange County. Other advantages that Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy patients enjoy include:

  • 92 degree sanitized salt water for optimal healing
  • Therapeutic jets for soft tissue massage
  • Resistance training with aquatic therapy equipment
  • Pool depths ranging from 42”-78” to accommodate various therapies and techniques
  • Compassionate, well-trained Physical Therapists and PTAs

How Do Clients Feel About So Cal Aquatic?

“Mary Poppins could learn about having a positive attitude from the staff at Southern California Aquatics. This is my second pass through their service. The first time was due to an Achilles tendon tear and the second was due to an ankle injury.

“The staff always has a positive, encouraging attitude, and they customize your treatment as necessary to promote your healing. My ankle injury made me unstable while standing and using the pool allowed me to push without any fear of getting injured when I fell over. In addition, the increased resistance from the water sped up my healing.

“The friendly staff works closely together providing a safe, welcoming environment promoting healing, and addressing your current condition and functional needs.  This is my physical therapy provider of choice.”

— Jack R., Huntington Beach, CA

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Julie’s Story

So Cal Aquatic founder Julie Bergmann experienced the healing power of aquatic therapy firsthand.

After multiple surgeries for a hand and elbow injury, Julie couldn’t work or function normally for over five months. The pain and swelling prevented traditional physical therapy methods, which led Julie to aquatic therapy – initially in her own backyard.

Julie continued to learn about the benefits of aquatic therapy, and in October 1995, she became the first Orange County physical therapist in private practice to own and operate a PT clinic with an indoor therapeutic pool on site.

In 2005, Julie was diagnosed with tarsal tunnel syndrome, which caused debilitating foot pain that kept her on and off crutches for more than two years. After two surgeries, a staph infection and CRPS symptoms, Julie returned to aquatic therapy as a patient. Her hard work not only allowed her to walk again without severe pain, Julie participated in the 2010 Pacific Coast Triathlon.

Julie’s story is an inspiration for all of the patients who visit So Cal Aquatic. We believe that aquatic therapy is a “Bridge to Wellness” for patients who are ready to begin recovery but are unable to start with traditional, “land-based” physical therapy.

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Los Alamitos Aquatic Therapy & Physical Therapy | Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy

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