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Newport Coast Aquatic Therapy

Newport Coast Aquatic TherapyNewport Coast Aquatic Therapy

Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy is Newport Coast’s Preferred Choice for Healing

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What Are Patients Saying About Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy?

“My experience with Julie was amazing! I had to rehab after an uncommon surgery, and she was one of the few people who actually knew what my operation was and had prior experience in rehabbing another patient who had the same surgery. I was put at ease right from the first meeting. She was knowledgeable, friendly, and fun to work with.

“We started with aquatic therapy before adding in land exercises the last couple weeks of my rehab. The water was extremely helpful to my recovery because it took a significant amount of load off my legs, allowing me to do the exercises with good technique while experiencing minimal pain.

“Overall, this PT clinic with an indoor heated pool was a genius idea. I had about 1.5 months to get from the wheelchair to walking an hour every day at school, and Julie and her staff helped me achieve that goal even in this limited time. I would definitely recommend this place in a heartbeat to anyone who wants to do their usual activities again!”

— Josh C., Westminster, CA

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Orange County’s Bridge to Wellness Since 1995

Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy has been helping patients regain function and quality of life through aquatic therapy for more than two decades.

Many patients come to us ready to begin physical therapy, but are unable to participate in land-based exercises because of a recent injury, surgery or chronic pain condition.

For these patients, aquatic therapy is an ideal starting point. Pool-based physical therapy minimizes pain and impact on weight-bearing muscles and joints, and allows participants to focus on regaining strength, flexibility and range of motion in a comfortable, weightless environment.

Anaheim Hills Aquatic Therapy & Physical Therapy Newport Coast Aquatic TherapyThat’s why we call aquatic therapy the Bridge to Wellness – this modality helps patients recover and prepare for more strenuous activities in traditional physical therapy.

The on site therapeutic pool at Southern California Aquatic is specifically designed to optimize patient healing. The salt water sanitizing solution speeds healing and is less irritating to the skin than chlorine.

Our 3½’ shallow end and 6½’ deep end are designed for a variety of treatments and exercises, which include pool-specific equipment and resistance training. And both our pool and facility are easily accessible from the parking lot.

What Happens After Aquatic Therapy?

Patients who “graduate” from aquatic therapy with us often continue to come back for additional physical therapy treatment. Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy offers a variety of PT methods, including:

  • Advanced manual therapy
  • Body mechanics training
  • Cold laser therapy
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Kinesio taping
  • Ultrasound
  • and more.

Newport Coast Aquatic Therapy | Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy

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