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Pain Solutions

Pain Solutions in Orange County

Do you have persistent chronic pain?

Is it difficult to perform simple activities without discomfort?

Are you ready to regain a more active quality of life? 

Our Bridge to Wellness aquatic and traditional physical therapy programs lead you on a path to recovery to help you regain the quality of life and ability to function.  Beginning a rehabilitation program in the warm therapy salt-water pool and progressing to a land rehabilitation program can get you on your way to recovery.

Julie’s Story

Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy founder Julie Bergmann discovered the benefits of aquatic therapy through her own experience. Aquatic exercises in her home pool made it possible for Julie to recover from an injury to her hand and arm that required multiple surgeries.

Ten years after founding Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy in 1995, Julie returned to aquatic therapy as a patient. Julie was diagnosed with tarsal tunnel syndrome in her foot while training for a sprint triathlon. After two surgeries, a staph infection and CRPS symptoms, Julie dedicated herself to aquatic therapy exercises in the clinic pool every day.

After years of dedicated effort, Julie’s was able to compete in the 2010 Pacific Coast Triathlon. She continues to strongly believe that the power of warm water physical therapy empowered her to regain her quality of life, progress to land activities and live without pain.  

We have had great success with clients with following painful conditions:

  • Arthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
  • Peripheral nerve injuries
  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Cancer
  • and more!

Aquatic therapy can help you perform daily tasks, reduce pain, have more energy while improving sleep.

We also instruct clients in Pain Education, Brain Retraining techniques, Mirror Therapy and more using the latest research in pain solutions.

What Are Patients Saying About Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy?

The thing that surprised me about aquatic therapy is that it seems like you’re not even exerting yourself, yet you progress. It is kind of a miracle. The water is almost bath water warm and so comfortable. The PTAs are there leading you through the exercises and you find yourself chatting during your exercises, until before you know it you’ve been exercising for 40 minutes!

Since you’re in the water, you don’t get hot or sweaty. And it is so much more comfortable than fighting gravity every step of the way, by using the water’s resistance every movement can be tailored to your therapeutic needs. I am finding it much less painful than conventional PT.

I am very pleased with the place so far. Everything is very well run and organized, everybody is very friendly and supportive, and water therapy rocks! I was glad to hear that they have a program for continued use of the pool for workouts, since a 92° indoor pool is hard to find.

— Ambre Y., Huntington Beach, CA

Aquatic Therapy & Physical Therapy in Orange County

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Please make sure our front desk coordinator is aware of special health considerations, high blood pressure, skin allergies, or any other physical limitations.

Orange County Pain Solutions | So Cal Aquatic

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