Patient Testimonials

  • I began therapy treatment with Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy following more than a year of severe chronic foot pain. After being incorrectly treated by 7+ doctors, I eventually did receive the needed repairs to my foot (in Baltimore!). But I still could not walk, had serious pain, and had lost 25 lbs. (mostly muscle weight). Physical Therapy was next and I was indeed very needy when I began at Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy. The staff is outstanding, the environment is positive, caring, safe and encouraging. The excellent, expert treatment by Julie Bergmann and her staff restored my life to me. Julie’s staff is highly trained and with careful attention to detail guided me through a miraculously successful recovery. Their expert treatment includes a level of compassion and patient interest that is seldom if ever equaled in the medical community. I could not have done better than Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy!!!


  • Julie the owner/PT is amazing. She takes the time to listen and is thorough in her assessment, implementation of exercises, and documentation. Their PTA (Faith) listens and reevaluates your program with the PT frequently to make sure that the exercises are meeting your goals and not causing further harm. The PTA and PT there work hand in hand.

    I’ve been going there for 4 months three times a day and have seen drastic improvements in my well-being and mobility. The pool is always clean as well as the facility itself. The staff are super friendly and completely approachable. I highly recommend them for all your physical therapy needs. Julie and Faith have worked with CRPS/RSD and Fibromyalgia patients and are always coming up with new ideas to increase my strength and endurance.

    Kristie M.

  • The staff at Southern California Aquatic Therapy has helped prepare me for two recent surgeries and assisted in my rehabilitation and healing. They have helped me to have a better quality of life than what I had become accustomed to prior to working with them.

    Throughout out my time with them, I have enjoyed excellent massage, had reduced nerve damage at surgical incisions with cold laser treatments, and received the benefit of aquatic therapy to provide support for my body while performing increasingly more demanding exercises.

    The staff have all been wonderful, and I considered them friends who are working to help me (and all of their clients) to engage in exercise that challenge and strengthen the areas of our bodies that haven’t been working as efficiently or as effectively as they might. The staff has improved my life through the ability to move better.

    Gloria L.

  • My experience with Julie (the owner) was amazing! I had to rehab after an uncommon surgery, and she was one of the few people who actually (1)knew what the operation was, and (2)had prior experience in rehabbing another patient who had the same surgery. So I was put at ease right from the first meeting. She was knowledgeable, friendly, and fun to work with.

    We started with aquatic therapy before adding in land exercises the last couple weeks of my rehab. The water was extremely helpful to my recovery because it took a significant amount of load off my legs, allowing me to do the exercises with good technique while experiencing minimal pain.

    The pool staff was friendly and helpful. Mia was hard-working and good-natured about the fact that I had to use either 2 water noodles or the big aqua belt (I’m pretty skinny and would always sink in the deep end of the pool). Francis was very encouraging, even when I could do exercises only with a limited range of motion. And Brittany was really funny and helpful – she would check my exercise form and give me tips on how to improve it so that I was getting the maximum benefit from the exercises.

    Overall, this PT clinic with an indoor heated pool was a genius idea. I had about 1.5 months to get from the wheelchair to walking an hour every day at school, and Julie and her staff helped me achieve that goal even in this limited time. I would definitely recommend this place in a heartbeat to anyone who wants to do their usual activities again!

  • I have had knee trouble for almost eight years, which has led to braces, medicine, and surgery. I recently sustained another knee dislocation and was told to have major surgery that would require breaking my leg. Another surgeon told me to try Southern California Orthopedic & Aquatic Therapy before I went ahead with it. It was the best decision I could have made!

    When I first began physical therapy here, I was in tremendous pain and very unsteady, often relying on crutches to walk. It was Julie Bergmann, my physical therapist, who realized that my intense sensitivity to touch and an unusual amount of pain could be more than a recovering dislocation. After seeing four orthopedic surgeons who all attributed it to the dislocation, it was Julie who pushed ahead and recommended that I get a test to see if my problems were associated with nerves. After determining that my pain was mostly due to nerves rather than the dislocation, she contacted a nerve specialist.

    He was able to see me at Southern California Aquatic & Physical Therapy, determine that the dislocation along with prior injuries had caused nerve damage and recommended that I have a much different surgery than the one previously recommended. I went ahead and had the surgery to correct the nerve damage and I had less pain on the day of the surgery than on my best day before the surgery. Since returning to physical therapy with Julie, I have improved remarkably. It has been only two months since the surgery and I am able to stand on one leg, squat, walk and even exercise (moderately).

    These are things that I never would have been able to do had I not gone to Southern California Aquatic & Physical Therapy. The staff is friendly and encouraging, often asking about my progress. They tailor my program to my needs and update it regularly. Whenever I have questions they are helpful and knowledgeable.

    It is their persistence and dedication that allows me to work without pain and will allow me to dance at my wedding.

    Amanda C.

  • As a Registered Nurse, I am critical of the medical care I receive. I want to know that all treating practitioners are licensed and/or credentialed in their specialty. With that established I expect the highest quality care without exception. As a patient/client of Southern California Aquatic Therapy, my requirements have been fully met.

    When referred here by my physician for restorative physical therapy, I assumed a physical therapist would provide the “usual” therapies I was used to observing in a hospital setting. To my surprise, when I began at Southern California Orthopedic and Aquatic Therapy, my physical therapist began my rehab therapy regime with pool therapy. It provided my recently repaired joint to move more comfortably, aided by the warmth of the pool and the buoyancy of the water. This, added to the hands-on therapy on “land,” has returned my joint to an optimal level of function.

    The physical therapist and ancillary staff all provide a high level of quality care. Additionally, the atmosphere of the facility is warm and kind, adding comfort to a stressful situation. I highly recommend the facility and its staff without reservation!

    Christine B., RN

  • I look forward to my therapy sessions at Southern California Aquatic Therapy and I have been very impressed with my progress in such a short amount of time. The staff are wonderful!

    Peggy H.

  • After a recent foot surgery, I went to Southern California Orthopedic and Aquatic Therapy for both PT and aquatic therapy and I experienced complete success. I continue to go for knee discomfort and again good results.

    The PTs do exceptional care for each patient’s personal needs. The pool therapy was amazing. I would highly recommend Southern California Aquatic & Physical Therapy for physical therapy and would be happy to refer Southern California Aquatic & Physical Therapy to friends and relatives.

    Lorraine C.

  • Before and after both my back and hip surgeries, I received exceptional, professional care. Evelyn works diligently to see to my specific needs. Because of aquatic therapy, I truly believe I was better prepared for surgery and I was able to return to a better quality of life.

    Leslee K.

  • A very friendly and helpful staff of PTs. Always patient with patients, which is much appreciated, especially with older patients like my dad. He enjoys coming even now as he is on a maintenance program.

    Dani M. for George K.

  • I have never met more knowledgeable, caring and committed therapists. The entire office staff are wonderful and extremely helpful.

    Debbie H.

  • Good energy here! Flexible hours. Finally got a correct diagnosis of my knee. Highly recommended!

    Holly W.

  • Overall, I’d give a solid 5 stars for having friendly staff, great pool facility, knowledgeable staff to help patients with rehab, really clean facility, providing great 1-to-1 attention, and for giving me some straightforward treatment and advice on how to get back to pain-free walking.

    Aaron P.

  • This place is a little under the radar, but it’s definitely worth going in and getting better. I came here after a surgery by Dr. Rosenberg after a drunk driver knocked me off my motor cycle.

    Let’s break it down like this – most staff are/were patients or have friends and family that are/were in a similar position, which earns this place five stars for caring and compassion. The water is warm and I feel welcomed, the staff keeps me upbeat and optimistic. I have to thank Julie for her healing hands and, of course, her little helpers Brittany, Dave, and Kathrine for their love and support helping me get back to 100%.

    Long story short, I still have a ways to go, but if you’re like me and need to get better, this is the best Aquatic Therapy center in So Cal. Thanks again you guys!

    Chance S.

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