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Physical Therapy in Tustin

Physical Therapy in Tustin

Conveniently located off of the 405 and 22 freeways in Huntington Beach, Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy is Tustin’s premier location for rehabilitation and wellness.

If you are not ready for traditional physical therapy but are looking for ways to become active, consider Aquatic Therapy at our facility. (Scroll down, or click here, to learn more about the benefits of aquatic therapy.) Many individuals suffering from chronic pain, or recovering from injury or surgery, have found that aquatic therapy is a great starting point for their rehabilitation.

Physical Therapy in TustinIf you are ready for a traditional, land-based rehabilitation program, our experienced physical therapists (PTs) will create a plan specifically tailored to meet your goals. Our facility offers the following treatment methods, which can be combined to address your needs:

  • Advanced Manual Therapy
  • Cold Laser Therapy
  • Kinesio Taping
  • Therapeutic Exercises

Our Advanced Manual Therapy techniques include soft tissue and joint mobilization, desensitization techniques, myofascial release, and mobilization procedures for scars and soft tissue. Cold Laser Therapy targets pain caused by injuries to ligaments, tendons and soft tissue, muscle strains and musculoskeletal disorders.

Our therapeutic exercises include training and equipment, like free weights and pulley systems, for strength and conditioning, balance, and fall prevention. Kinesio Taping, often used by Olympic athletes and offered by our certified practitioners, can improve muscle contraction, nerve receptors and posture, and reduce pain, swelling and scar tissue.

Physical Therapy in Tustin

Here’s what clients are saying about our Physical Therapy program:

“After a recent foot surgery, I went to Southern California Orthopedic and Aquatic Therapy for both PT and aquatic therapy, and I experienced complete success. I continue to go for knee discomfort, and again, good results. The PTs do exceptional care for each patient’s personal needs. The pool therapy was amazing. I would highly recommend Southern California Orthopedic and Aquatic Therapy for physical therapy and would be happy to refer Southern California Orthopedic and Aquatic Therapy to friends and relatives.”

– Lorraine C.

“A very friendly and helpful staff of PTs. Always patient with patients, which is much appreciated, especially with older patients like my dad. He enjoys coming even now as he is on a maintenance program.”

– Dani M. for George K.

Aquatic Therapy

Water therapy can provide the bridge that prepares and strengthens the body for traditional, land-based physical therapy. Our 92 degree saltwater pools are designed to be comfortable for the skin, stimulating for the body and sanitary for your peace of mind.

Voted Cleanest Commercial Pool in Southern California by the Orange County Health Department

Water therapy can provide:

  • better circulation, promoting blood flow and healing to injured areas
  • better range of motion
  • buoyancy and weightlessness, to perform exercises with less difficulty
  • improved flexibility
  • pain relief
  • reduced swelling
  • relaxed muscles

Tustin residents can call (714) 375-1755 or email us to schedule an appointment or a tour of the Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy facility. We can’t wait to start serving you!