Sciatica & Back Pain Relief Huntington Beach, CA

Back Pain & Sciatica Relief

All of us have had a sore back at some point from a sport, the gym or just regular daily activities and need to spend a day or two with an ice or heat pad. But when serious back and leg pain make it hard to function, you need help to recover.

What is sciatica?

There can be a variety of causes of sciatica, which can be a compression or irritation of the large nerve originating from your lower back. This may be caused from the normal aging process, osteoarthritis or an injury. Sciatica can cause pain, numbness or tingling down the leg making movement more difficult. Often you feel it on one side only and the symptoms can be related to your movement. Keep in mind, gentle movement, improvement in posture and movement patterns can often times significantly help sciatic nerve and back pain.

How Do We Treat Back Pain and Sciatica?

Working on core and whole body strengthening and flexibility are crucial components of treating sciatic nerve and back pain. Nerves need oxygen, gentle movements and good circulation to heal and recover. The old adage “No Pain, No Gain” does not work well with healing nerve pain. When you have sciatic pain, the usual stretching and exercises may not work well and may irritate the sciatic pain even more.

The types of successful treatments we offer are:

  • Warm water Aquatic Physical Therapy including deep end decompression and conditioning, taking stress off of the spine and nerves to allow for greater movement without pain and improvement in circulation nourishing those healing nerves
  • Core stabilization training and functional movement training, this teaches you how to move in ways that allow for the greatest healing environment in your own body by strengthening your whole body in safe ways
  • Manual Therapy by our highly trained physical therapists will pinpoint areas in your spine and painful areas to improve circulation, reduce muscle spasm and promote greater flexibility allowing you to move more easily.
  • Modalities such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation can reduce inflammation and muscle spasm and improve circulation to nourish the muscle and nervous system.
  • Active Taping Techniques help support painful areas of your spine and leg to reduce pain while your symptoms are improving.
  • Education is key to recovery! Our Physical Therapists will provide you with resources and education to better understand your condition and how you can help yourself feel better every day.

Our goal is to be your partner so you can achieve your goal of recovery success! Get pain relief today with the help of our highly trained physical therapists and staff. For more information, Contact Us at Huntington Beach, CA Center.

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