Cancer Pain Relief Huntington Beach, CA

Cancer Pain

Do you need a low-impact physical outlet to fight the stress of cancer treatment?

Are you seeking relief from the pains of chemotherapy?

Would you like to take control of your body again?

We can help.

Aquatic Therapy for Cancer Pain Relief

Post-surgical cancer patients, as well as those in treatment or recovery, can benefit from the unique advantages of aquatic therapy.

Aquatic therapy includes strength and resistance workouts, flexibility and range-of-motion programs, and balance training for individuals managing the effects of chemotherapy and cancer prescriptions.

Heated saltwater therapy pools like those at Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy can soothe the skin and promote better circulation. The water’s buoyancy lessens the impact of workouts on bones and joints, allowing participants to rebuild muscle mass and bone density following chemotherapy. Aquatic exercise can also assist in scar management and softening scar tissue to improve flexibility.

Physical Therapy for Cancer Pain Relief

Physical therapy can be a complementary treatment for patients undergoing cancer treatment, as well as an integral part of rehabilitation.

Physical therapy programs like cardiovascular exercise, strength training and flexibility activities can prevent fatigue, reduce stress and improve a cancer patient’s quality of life.

Even light workouts can increase your heart rate and muscle response, and improve your body’s ability to tolerate chemotherapy or radiation procedures.

The mental exertion of physical therapy can provide benefits as well. Physical activity provides a sense of bodily control that can be lost during cancer treatment.

Exercise can also inspire greater motivation and an increased desire for wellness, as well as provide an outlet for the mental and physical stresses of treatment.

Soft Tissue mobilization, applied by our highly trained physical therapists can improve range of motion and circulation for better movement and joint health is another important component of physical therapy, and can reduce the anxiety, stress, depression and physical pain of a cancer diagnosis.

Soft tissue therapy, as applied by the advanced manual therapists at Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy, can also improve the range of motion lost to scar tissue.

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