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Chronic Pain Syndromes

We Are Here To Help!

We have combined the latest research and education to help you get back to being more active so you can achieve a healthier lifestyle. We have all heard recently in the news about the more than 1 billion people affected by chronic pain in the world today from all age groups. We want to partner with you to find solutions to your chronic pain.

What is considered Chronic Pain?

Any pain that has lasted more than 3 months can be considered chronic pain. Pain is complex and can become longer lasting for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, there are no straightforward answers as to why you may still have pain after an injury or surgery. Types of chronic pain may include low back pain, joint pain, arthritis pain, nerve pain, pain from an autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia, cancer treatment, other medical conditions or previous injuries or surgeries.

How Do We Help?

Our highly skilled physical therapists will collaborate with you to find a treatment program that works for you and with your current lifestyle. The “No Pain, No Gain” rule does not necessarily apply when approaching the best way to treat chronic pain. We strongly believe in giving you the tools necessary so you can be an integral part of your rehabilitation program.

Some of Our treatments for Chronic Pain include:

  • Warm Water Aquatic Therapy – This provides the perfect bridge to moving easier on land. Warm water therapy reduces the fear of movement, promotes a relaxation response, increased circulation and the ability to move in ways not tolerated on land. Once your system has more movement and less pain, progression to a land-based program is much more tolerable.
  • Education – Education is empowerment, we strongly believe the more you understand about the complexities of how pain can be caused, how it can be relieved, the more tools you will have to achieve your active lifestyle goals.
  • Functional Training – Once you are able to exercise comfortably on land, we will progress you to a land exercise program providing training to strengthen your body and use proper mechanics to keep your body safe during your daily activities.

Our physical therapists may include manual therapy, modalities and active taping techniques to further facilitate your recovery. Together, Our Physical Therapists will help you achieve your goals! For more information, Contact Us today at Huntington Beach, CA Center.

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