Light Therapy

The Healing Properties of Light

Did you know Light Therapy has become increasingly popular in all areas of health and wellness.  The research is stronger and stronger proving the many benefits of Light Therapy. There are many properties that make it a great healing tool to help you recover faster!

Advanced Light Therapy

How It Works

Cold lasers and other forms of light therapy act on each cell to produce more energy. Even when healthy, we can all perceive this phenomenon on a larger scale. In bright, sunny weather, most of us feel energized and upbeat. In contrast, gloomy weather and prolonged periods in dark spaces make us feel lethargic and depressed. Just as sunlight in the right quantities offers restorative effects to the body as a whole, directed light at the right magnitudes and wavelengths produces resolution of inflammation. Light therapy also reduces pain through additional pathways. At the appropriate wavelength, light exerts a direct, inhibitory effect on peripheral nerves, and helps manage the pain associated with arthritis all the while increasing much needed circulation and energy required for faster healing. It is recommended to have 4-6 treatments at a minimum to get your desired results!