Manual Therapy/Myofascial Release Huntington Beach, CA

Manual Therapy/Myofascial Release

Manual Therapy Can Give You Long Lasting Pain Relief

There’s A Natural & Safe Treatment Method For Your Pain!

Manual therapy is a safe, natural and effective mode of treatment that many people suffering with  pain can benefit from. If you’ve recently had an operation, are recovering from an illness or injury, there’s a great possibility that you could benefit from a physical therapist’s touch at Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy!

Here at our clinic in Huntington Beach, CA, we treat many first-time patients who arrive thinking that their treatments will be uncomfortable and painful because of their condition. However, this isn’t the case! Our physical therapists here at Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy have a library of knowledge, tools, and resources in their arsenal meant to relieve your pain, not add to it. Their treatment methods are meant to improve your body’s overall function and help you get back to living a normal life without pain. 

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Manual Therapy: A Safe Alternative To Harmful Medication

Manual therapy is one of the safest methods of treatment for acute and chronic pain. It’s non-invasive, natural, and effective. It doesn’t require the use of any harmful, addictive medications either! Instead, our Huntington Beach, CA physical therapists use a variety of techniques that help mobilize your tendons, ligaments, and joints in ways that relieve pain and promote healing. They also help in reducing scar tissue and minimizing inflammation.

Our physical therapists at Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy are highly trained and attentive professionals who understand your body’s restrictions, as well as its capabilities. Many patients notice improvement after just one session of manual therapy!

So… what exactly is manual therapy?

Manual therapy is just one tool in a physical therapist’s kit that allows them to mobilize stiff joints and soft tissue. This specialized form of treatment helps in reducing swelling, decreasing restriction, mobilizing joints, and increasing your range of motion. Our physical therapists have received extensive training in specialized manual therapy techniques. 

 Different Kinds of Manual Therapy

Manual physical therapy techniques may include, but are not limited to:

Manual traction

During manual traction, your physical therapist will apply gentle force to a certain area of your body, in order to gently stretch the soft tissues and restore normal, natural movement. Although the neck is the most common area for manual traction, it can also be performed on other parts of the body, including your arms, legs, and back.


After sustaining an injury, you may end up experiencing severe pain. This is usually the result of a restricted joint. Our Huntington Beach, CA physical therapists are trained in mobilizations to restricted joints by applying pressure at a low velocity. Mobilization techniques are safe, effective, and painless, allowing for an increase in your range of motion, and the improvement of the restricted joint’s mobility.

Soft Tissue Massage

Physical therapy massage treatments are a little different than those you might receive at a spa. These are more therapeutic in nature, and with a medical intention. Our Huntington Beach, CA physical therapists use massage therapy as a way to manipulate the soft tissues, working to break up scar tissue and adhesions caused by injury or inflammation.This is done through deep pressure and rhythmic stretching, allowing them to find and mobilize areas of your body that are heavily restricted. These techniques also help to improve blood flow and circulation of the affected muscles and soft tissues.

Manual Therapy In Your Treatment Plan

As mentioned before, our Huntington Beach, CA physical therapists are highly trained in diagnosing and treating movement disorders. It’s common for these disorders to develop after surgery, especially if a patient has had a total joint replacement, for example, a hip replacement. Many physicians will recommend physical therapy as treatment for their patient’s recovery after injuries, illnesses, or accidents. Anything that makes you feel weak or unable to physically function in a normal manner is a cause for physical therapy.

Everyone’s treatment plan is different because no two people experience the same exact types of pain. Your treatment plan at Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy will consist of exercises, stretches, and different therapies aimed at relieving your specific pain condition. 

Some exercises may focus on improving your balance and strength. Others may work on increasing your range of motion. Manual therapy is a very important part of a physical therapy treatment plan, because it helps to decrease pain, swelling, & inflammation, as well as increase overall mobility and range of motion.

Relieve Your Muscle Tension with Myofascial Release

Are You Ready to Say Goodbye to Painful Muscles?

Painful muscles can be a thing of the past with myofascial release!

Are you living with stiff or tight muscles? If so, you have what is called myofascial pain caused by muscular irritation, and the myofascial release treatments at Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy may benefit you.

If your stiff or tight muscles are limiting your daily life, don’t hesitate to request an appointment. 

One of our Huntington Beach, CA physical therapists would be happy to meet with you and discuss how myofascial release can benefit you!

Does myofascial release treat my condition?

When muscles become constricted or tight, it can significantly impact your mobility. This can cause pain and limitations with movement. 

Fortunately, myofascial release works to reverse this by loosening up the constricted muscles, thus allowing for easier, pain-free movement.

There are several conditions that can be treated with myofascial release. Some of the most common include:

Venous insufficiency

Myofascial release can help reduce the amount of blood pooled in the veins and allow for more efficient blood flow, decreasing the pain felt in the veins.


This condition can also cause stiffness in multiple muscles. The affected areas will be determined and then massaged.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Patients with carpal tunnel syndrome can benefit from myofascial release by having the muscles in their hands, wrists, and/or arms massaged, in order to improve function and mobility.

Chronic headaches/migraines

Myofascial release has also been known to relieve the pain of chronic headaches and migraines by massaging the tightened muscles around the head and neck.


Injuries can also cause muscle stiffness. The affected area will be massaged to loosen up the muscles and allow for a quicker healing process.

Myofascial pain syndrome

This is the most commonly treated condition through myofascial release, and it can affect many of your muscles. The “trigger points” for your myofascial pain are determined and then massaged out.

If you have been diagnosed with one of the conditions listed above, or another condition that you think could benefit from myofascial release, contact our Huntington Beach, CA physical therapy office today. 

How can I benefit from myofascial release?

Our Huntington Beach, CA physical therapists are highly trained in the method of myofascial release, with an extensive understanding of what specific pressure points to focus on, in order to bring your fascia back to its elastic form. 

Myofascial release is a type of physical therapy treatment in the form of massage that helps alleviate pain by relieving tension within the affected muscles. 

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