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Pain Neuroscience Education

What is Pain Neuroscience Education and Why Do I Need It?

Did you know that Pain is an experience and there are actually no “pain” receptors in the body? Have you ever thought about why you may not have pain when you wake up until you think about it? Have you ever wondered why your pain is less when you are doing something you enjoy?

Pain Neuroscience Education is a type of educational tool that teaches you about your pain. Over the past several years there has been a tremendous amount of research to answer these very basic questions that actually are not so basic. This is very encouraging because as it turns out, the more you know more about what pain is, the more you have control over it. Research now proves it.

How can you control your pain?

The first part of being able to control your pain is understanding all parts of our body and how they contribute to our own unique pain experience. Our unique pain experience is affected by our emotions, the quality of sleep we get, our relationships, our fatigue level, diet and many other things going on in our lives and bodies.

At Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy, we believe Education is Empowerment. Our physical therapists will take you through the process of understanding your pain as part of your treatment program. Our staff of physical therapists has been trained with the knowledge gained through the International Spine and Pain Institute, Therapeutic Pain Specialist certification making us uniquely qualified to educate you.

You Can Retrain Your Brain and Your Body!

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