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Are you tired of the typical treatments for back pain including medication or surgery?  Did you injure your back, have chronic back pain, a work injury or car accident injury? 

Aquatic Therapy for Back Pain

We offer the only integrative aquatic and physical therapy program in the entire area.

What does this mean? Our indoor 92 degree aquatic therapy pool is under the same roof as our traditional land based exercise.

Aquatic therapy helps to relieve pressure, spasms and pain in your back, hips and knees allowing you to move with greater ease.  Our exclusive deep end provides the decompression you need for your back pain to relax and the pressure and pain to be relieved with gentle movement. If you have chronic low back pain, this may be just what your body needs-gentle supportive movement.


This aquatic therapy movement helps you to heal faster so you can transition to our land based program and get on your way back to the activities you love or back to work.

We Take Insurance

  • Work Comp
  • Dept of Labor
  • VA
  • Hoag
  • PPO/HMO plans
  • Cash Plan Options

Physical Therapy for Back Pain

Our land based program can include whole body strengthening, functional training, hands-on therapy, light therapy, helpful education strategies and other effective treatments.

You have many holistic treatment options when you come into our clinic for your back pain!

Our holistic strategies in treating your low back pain can help you manage it for life and avoid medication and surgery.


We will provide you an initial evaluation with one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy to help determine if other areas such as your hips, knees, or feet and ankles could also be contributing to your back pain. We consider the whole you, not just your back!

Come see us to help with your back pain!  We take many different insurances, worker’s comp, auto insurance and Medicare.

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say

I highly recommend the facility and its staff without reservation!

As a Registered Nurse, I am critical of the medical care I receive. I want to know that all treating practitioners are licensed and/or credentialed in their specialty. With that established I expect the highest quality care without exception.

- Christine B., RN

The entire office staff are wonderful and extremely helpful.

I have never met more knowledgeable, caring and committed therapists.

- Debie H.

The staff has improved my life through the ability to move better.

The staff at Southern California Aquatic Therapy has helped prepare me for two recent surgeries and assisted in my rehabilitation and healing.

- Gloria L.