Nov17th 2014

My experience with Julie (the owner) was amazing! I had to rehab after an uncommon surgery, and she was one of the few people who actually (1)knew what the operation was, and (2)had prior experience in rehabbing another patient who had the same surgery. So I was put at ease right from the first meeting. She was knowledgeable, friendly, and fun to work with.

We started with aquatic therapy before adding in land exercises the last couple weeks of my rehab. The water was extremely helpful to my recovery because it took a significant amount of load off my legs, allowing me to do the exercises with good technique while experiencing minimal pain.

The pool staff was friendly and helpful. Mia was hard-working and good-natured about the fact that I had to use either 2 water noodles or the big aqua belt (I’m pretty skinny and would always sink in the deep end of the pool). Francis was very encouraging, even when I could do exercises only with a limited range of motion. And Brittany was really funny and helpful – she would check my exercise form and give me tips on how to improve it so that I was getting the maximum benefit from the exercises.

Overall, this PT clinic with an indoor heated pool was a genius idea. I had about 1.5 months to get from the wheelchair to walking an hour every day at school, and Julie and her staff helped me achieve that goal even in this limited time. I would definitely recommend this place in a heartbeat to anyone who wants to do their usual activities again!