Amanda C.

Nov17th 2014

I have had knee trouble for almost eight years, which has led to braces, medicine, and surgery. I recently sustained another knee dislocation and was told to have major surgery that would require breaking my leg. Another surgeon told me to try Southern California Orthopedic & Aquatic Therapy before I went ahead with it. It was the best decision I could have made!

When I first began physical therapy here, I was in tremendous pain and very unsteady, often relying on crutches to walk. It was Julie Bergmann, my physical therapist, who realized that my intense sensitivity to touch and an unusual amount of pain could be more than a recovering dislocation. After seeing four orthopedic surgeons who all attributed it to the dislocation, it was Julie who pushed ahead and recommended that I get a test to see if my problems were associated with nerves. After determining that my pain was mostly due to nerves rather than the dislocation, she contacted a nerve specialist.

He was able to see me at Southern California Aquatic & Physical Therapy, determine that the dislocation along with prior injuries had caused nerve damage and recommended that I have a much different surgery than the one previously recommended. I went ahead and had the surgery to correct the nerve damage and I had less pain on the day of the surgery than on my best day before the surgery. Since returning to physical therapy with Julie, I have improved remarkably. It has been only two months since the surgery and I am able to stand on one leg, squat, walk and even exercise (moderately).

These are things that I never would have been able to do had I not gone to Southern California Aquatic & Physical Therapy. The staff is friendly and encouraging, often asking about my progress. They tailor my program to my needs and update it regularly. Whenever I have questions they are helpful and knowledgeable.

It is their persistence and dedication that allows me to work without pain and will allow me to dance at my wedding.