Christine B., RN

Nov17th 2014

As a Registered Nurse, I am critical of the medical care I receive. I want to know that all treating practitioners are licensed and/or credentialed in their specialty. With that established I expect the highest quality care without exception. As a patient/client of Southern California Aquatic Therapy, my requirements have been fully met.

When referred here by my physician for restorative physical therapy, I assumed a physical therapist would provide the “usual” therapies I was used to observing in a hospital setting. To my surprise, when I began at Southern California Orthopedic and Aquatic Therapy, my physical therapist began my rehab therapy regime with pool therapy. It provided my recently repaired joint to move more comfortably, aided by the warmth of the pool and the buoyancy of the water. This, added to the hands-on therapy on “land,” has returned my joint to an optimal level of function.

The physical therapist and ancillary staff all provide a high level of quality care. Additionally, the atmosphere of the facility is warm and kind, adding comfort to a stressful situation.