Feb10th 2017

I began therapy treatment with Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy following more than a year of severe chronic foot pain. After being incorrectly treated by 7+ doctors, I eventually did receive the needed repairs to my foot (in Baltimore!). But I still could not walk, had serious pain, and had lost 25 lbs. (mostly muscle weight). Physical Therapy was next and I was indeed very needy when I began at Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy. The staff is outstanding, the environment is positive, caring, safe and encouraging. The excellent, expert treatment by Julie Bergmann and her staff restored my life to me. Julie’s staff is highly trained and with careful attention to detail guided me through a miraculously successful recovery. Their expert treatment includes a level of compassion and patient interest that is seldom if ever equaled in the medical community. I could not have done better than Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy!!!