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Tustin Ranch Aquatic Therapy

Tustin Ranch Aquatic Therapy

Welcome to Southern California Aquatic & Physical Therapy!

Do you need physical therapy for injury rehab or post-operative care, but feel like you are unable to meet the demands of “land-based” exercise?

Do you have chronic pain or a condition that is preventing you from starting traditional physical therapy?

Aquatic Therapy is the answer to your needs.

Click here or call (714) 375-1755 to schedule a visit with Southern California Aquatic & Physical Therapy today!

Aquatic Therapy | The Bridge to Wellness

Southern California Aquatic & Physical Therapy offers patients the most comprehensive facility for physical therapy near Tustin Ranch.

Southern California Aquatic & Physical Therapy Orange County Aquatic Therapy Pool Water Therapy Rehabilitation Recovery Healing pain relief Tustin Ranch Aquatic TherapyWe have been serving patients in Orange County for over 20 years by providing a variety of rehabilitation services and excellent customer care.

Our facility is known for its state-of-the-art, 92 degree therapeutic indoor pool, which was voted the cleanest commercial pool in Southern California by the Orange County Health Department.

By starting rehabilitation with aquatic therapy, patients can access The Bridge to Wellness that leads from zero or limited movement to land-based physical therapy. Conditioning programs in the pool offer a chance to rebuild strength, flexibility and range of motion without stress or impact on the joints or injured areas.

Our therapeutic pools are uniquely designed to optimize recovery.

The constant 92-degree temperature increases circulation and speeds recovery time. The salt water sanitizing solution helps with healing, and is less harsh on the skin than chlorine-based pools. And additional features like aquatic equipment for resistance training, varied pool depths to accommodate different therapeutic methods, and water jets for soft tissue massage can lead to a faster and less painful recovery for our patients.

Additional Services

Physical Therapy

After patients complete their aquatic therapy and cross The Bridge to Wellness, Southern California Aquatic & Physical Therapy can provide the land-based therapy our clients need to restore quality of life.

Our physical therapists are friendly, knowledgeable and supportive, and are ready to partner with individuals in the midst of a difficult recovery.

Tustin Ranch Aquatic Therapy

Call (714) 375-1755 or click here to plan your trip to Southern California Aquatic & Physical Therapy!