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Water Therapy in Huntington Beach

Water Therapy in Huntington Beach

Welcome to Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy!

  • Are you still in too much pain from surgery or injury to perform traditional (land) physical therapy exercises?
  • Do you live with daily pain from a chronic condition such as fibromyalgia or CRPS?
  • Do you need traditional physical therapy for post-operative or injury rehab?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy can help you! Our therapists are highly trained and educated to perform a wide range of aquatic and orthopedic therapies, uniquely customized to each client’s needs and goals. We have a beautiful, fully functional facility with a super clean, 92 degree commercial pool, as well as all the equipment you’ll ever need to restore and strengthen your body and reduce or eliminate pain.

What is Water Therapy?

Water therapy (also known as Aquatic Therapy) is a widely accepted, safe, and proven alternative or compliment to traditional (land) physical therapy. Water therapy has been known to speed healing and and reduce pain, as it offers the client the unique ability to perform strength, balance, and flexibility exercises in a soothing, weightless environment.

Who Can Benefit from Water Therapy?

There are at least two scenarios in which a client can greatly benefit from water therapy:

1. Not ready for physical therapy…yet. 

Many of our clients are unable to meet the demands of traditional physical therapy just yet because their bodies are still too weak and in pain from surgery or injury.

In these cases, water therapy can be the bridge; that is, the starting point of therapy that strengthens the body and prepares it for traditional physical therapy down the road.

2. Chronic pain won’t let you do physical therapy, ever

We believe that no one should be sentenced to a life of pain.

If you suffer from a disease or condition causing chronic and intense pain such as arthritis, RA, fibromyalgia, RSD/CRPS, peripheral nerve damage, or cancer, water therapy can help you achieve the relief you’ve been dreaming of!

Benefits of Water Therapy – Huntington Beach

Water therapy has been shown to provide:

  • relaxed muscles
  • better circulation, promoting blood flow and healing to the injured area
  • improved flexibility
  • reduced swelling
  • better range of motion
  • less pain
  • ability to perform strengthening exercises without pain or further damage, due to buoyancy and weightlessness

Our on-site, indoor therapeutic pool features:

  • 92 degree water temperature, specifically designed for optimal rehabilitation
  • Salt water sanitizing system – salt speeds healing and is less irritating to skin
  • Therapeutic jets for soft tissue massage
  • Pool depths from 3 1/2′ to 6 1/2′ to accommodate a variety of therapeutic modalities
  • Aquatic equipment for resistance training
  • Dual handrails for assisted pool entry

Nervous about Water Therapy?

You are not alone. A lot of our clients are initially nervous or fearful of being in the water or wearing a bathing suit. We are sensitive to every client’s circumstances; we will be in the water with you, ensuring your safety every step of the way. We are here to make you feel comfortable and to help you experience the amazing benefits of aquatic therapy.

Contact us today with any questions you have or to schedule a tour of our facilities. We are conveniently located off the 405 and 22 freeways. We look forward to working with you!