Meet Dr. Julie Bergmann

PT, Doctor of Physical Therapy

I believe the greatest healthcare provider is the one that exists in YOU

Are you tired of hearing, “just live with it” , “it’s all in your head”, “ here is another medication”

Hi, I am Dr. Julie Bergmann, founder and owner of Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy for the past 28 years and now also Natural Pain Wellness. 

I heard all of these words. 


My experience in treating chronic pain began when I started practicing physical therapy over 30 years ago. It wasn’t until I suffered from a hand and wrist injury resulting in surgery and a long rehabilitation that I understood the difficulties and challenges of chronic pain. I rehabilitated in my own heated pool with amazing results. This experience gave me the idea of opening my own clinic and building a therapeutic heated indoor pool to use alongside traditional land-based physical therapy. Fast forward to 2005 when I sustained a nerve injury to my foot suffering even greater pain lasting for several years. I was just supposed to live with it. It was then that I began my journey into finding alternative ways of healing using the body, mind and spirit, naturally.

I have treated thousands of chronic pain patients with lower back pain, fibromyalgia, complex regional pain syndrome, Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome and more with the use of my heated indoor pool in conjunction with traditional land therapy. But- I knew there was still something missing that patients needed for longer lasting health and recovery.

Natural Pain Wellness was born out of my desire to learn more about holistic methods and resources available to educate those suffering from chronic pain using the body, mind and spirit to heal. I want to bring this education and years of my experience to you.

I would love to help you in your journey!

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In Great Health,

Dr. Julie Bergmann, PT, Doctor of Physical Therapy
Certified Therapeutic Pain Specialist
Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist
Holistic Wellness Consultant

Please Note: The wellness consultation service is not Physical Therapy as covered by insurance. Clients can use HSA account, credit card, check or cash.