Wellness Services

Aquatic Body Conditioning “ABC”

Enjoy the benefits of warm water with our ABC program designed for your supervised independent aquatic program in the safety of our indoor facility.

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$28 per 50 minute session

$280, buy in a block of 10 sessions, get the 11th session FREE!

If you need a consultation for an aquatic exercise program, give us a call to talk to one of our professionals!

Personal Training

Our highly qualified personal trainers are certified through the NASM,  National • 

You may have fitness goals and need extra help reaching those goals.  Our personal trainers will help keep you accountable with one on one attention while making your fitness routine fun so you achieve your goals. 

30 minute session:  $65.00

45 minute session:  $80.00

Hands-On Tissue Work

Enjoy the benefits of Hands-On Tissue Work with our qualified professionals to help enhance the benefits of any fitness or therapy program. Your appointment can be scheduled before or after your physical therapy treatment if your insurance covers aquatic therapy only. 

15 minutes: $35.00

30 minutes: $60.00

Thermo-Stim Muscle Release

Enjoy the soothing benefits of heat and/or cold and added electrical stimulation with a special patented probe that delivers  heat or cold over tight sore muscles to reduce fascial tightness and promote healing circulation faster!  

15 minutes: $35.00

Full Body Assisted Stretch

Our full body assisted stretch program helps you to unwind when your body is stressed and tight.  Enjoy the benefits of improved motion with our trained professionals as they “stretch” your stress away!

15 minutes: $35, package of 4, $130, package of 8, $240

30 minutes: $60

Exercise Training

Our specially trained exercise specialists will help you with your exercise routine.  These short sessions can help you get back on track quickly to maintain your fitness and health!

$15 min: 35.00

Functional Taping

Do you want to know how to tape your own injury for extra added support while you do the activities you love? Let us show you how with our professional instruction and learn how to tape yourself, anytime, anywhere for support when you need it!

30 minutes instruction: $75, 

includes videotaping on your personal device so you have your own instruction, how to tape yourself and includes a FREE roll of kinesiotape!

Advanced Light Therapy

How It Works

Cold lasers and other forms of light therapy act on each cell to produce more energy. Even when healthy, we can all perceive this phenomenon on a larger scale. In bright, sunny weather, most of us feel energized and upbeat. In contrast, gloomy weather and prolonged periods in dark spaces make us feel lethargic and depressed. Just as sunlight in the right quantities offers restorative effects to the body as a whole, directed light at the right magnitudes and wavelengths produces resolution of inflammation. 

Light therapy also reduces pain through additional pathways. At the appropriate wavelength, light exerts a direct, inhibitory effect on peripheral nerves, and helps manage the pain associated with arthritis all the while increasing much needed circulation and energy required for faster healing. It is recommended to have 4-6 treatments at a minimum to get your desired results!

$35 per treatment

Package of 4 treatments: $130.00

Package of 8 treatments: $240.00


Percussion Therapy